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About RAINBOW ESTATE (Finca Arcoiris)

Rainbow Estate (Finca Arcoiris) is a pristine family-owned farm since 1951. The farm is owned by to former presidents of the Republic of Panama. Finca Arco Iris's growing conditions are near perfect with coffee plants grown from 3,500 to 5,000 feet above sea level, in an optimally moist temperature range of 65-70 degrees.  

The name of the farm comes from the fact that in summer time you can see multiple rainbows, both day and night within its 1,200 hectares.

Rainbow Estate is a self-sufficient estate. Not only does it have 100 hectares of quality coffee, but it also has dairy cows, horses, beautiful rivers and a hydroelectric power plant for its own energy.

Contact us:   PanamaCoffeeCulture@gmail.com / +507- 3918878

Contact us:  PanamaCoffeeCulture@gmail.com / +507- 3918878

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