Janca Coffee

About Janca Coffee

This historical coffee harvest in Boquete Panama since 1951.  To show his respect for the natives, the owners named his coffee after an indigenous, legendary princess Janca.

Extraordinarily clean and refined, Princesa Janca is roasted to a dark full city shade that allows the beans' light citrus tones to emerge at first sip. Next comes a rich currant tone that leads you to a dense chocolate finish.

Princesa Janca creates a perfectly balanced cup. Our green coffee samples arrived in a bag labeled muestro d'oro, morsels of gold...and after the first roast.

The Catuay / Caturra Janca coffee mix has been sold from Panama to the world since 1951 with a great acceptance in different international markets.

Princesa Janca coffee is impeccably processed with virtually no defects.  The coffee fruits are picked and harvested by hand by the indigenous Embera community in the area of Chiriqui.

The plant is prepared to supply the coffee according to the customer international exportation requirements, either: green / gold, roasted, ground,  packed or in sacks, FOB at the Panama Balboa Port.

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