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Our Coffee Bean Varieties and Types

Our Coffee beans vary in their size, shape, color, and flavor depending on the conditions in which they were grown. Our Estate produces 4 main Arabica categories:  CATURRA, CATUAI, PACAMARA & GEISHA.  Arabica coffee seeds provide delicate flavor and low acidity. Our seeds grown at the higher altitudes of our estate (from 1.500 to 5000 feets) and can be more difficult and costly to grow. These labor-intensive, low-yield plants produce a high-demand beans.


This coffee variety is native to Ethiopia since the 1930s, in a region near mountains whose name is commonly translated: "Gesha". From there, it was sent to the Tropical Agronomic Center for Research and Teaching (CATIE) in Costa Rica in 1953 and was distributed throughout Panama in the 1960s. Recent genetic analysis of the World Coffee Research confirms that the Geisha coffee from Panama descended of the original Ethiopian Geisha. Geisha is associated with a cup of delicate floral aromas, jasmine and peach.


The third type of coffee seed found in Arcoíris Estate. The Catuai coffee seed is born from the Cross between the Mundo Novo and Caturra seeds. It was created by the Agronomic Institute of Sao Paulo, in Brazil (IAC). Launched in Brazil since 1972. The name Catuaí is derived from the Guaraní language, which means "very good". Although its small stature allows it to be harvested more efficiently, it is susceptible to rust and requires a lot of care, therefore its value.


It was the second type of coffee seed sown on the Rainbow Estate, and it was a creation of the Salvadoran Institute for Coffee Research (ISIC) back in 1958, which resulted from the crossing of Pacas and the Maragogipe varietals seeds.  It took approximately 30 years of careful scientific research to create the Pacamara varietal, released to coffee producers in Panama since 1980’s. The Pacamara coffee varietal is a spicy and thick coffee with an exceptional balance, some chocolate expression and sweet and citrus notes.


Caturra was the first type of seed sown in Rainbow Estate and is a mutation of the Bourbon variety. It was discovered in the year 1935 near the city of Caturra in Brazil. This type of coffee requires extensive attention and fertilization, with optimal development at 5,000 feet (Rainbow Estate Height). The characteristics of the cup of the Caturra variety include a clear acidity with notes of lemon flavor.

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