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History of our Estate . 1951  

Since 1951, the farm has produced coffee in Panama, with a great tradition and respect for its of "pure" coffee product.

Main Factory in Boquete  

The main plant and farm facilities are located in the famous Boquete Town in Panama, at the epicenter of the best coffee in the world.

Panama Coffee Estate, Corp.

Our central offices in Panama City, ready to assist you in the legal written and exportation documents for the purchase of our coffee brands,

Rainbow Estate (Finca Arcoiris) 

Rainbow Estate - "Finca Arcoiris " is a pristine family-owned farm, being one of the most historic Coffee farms of Boquete , at 5000 feet above sea level.

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A few words about

the Coffee Culture in Panama 

The history of Panamanian coffee began when European immigrants settled the region in the late 19th century, bringing coffee with them. Located in the western extremity of the country, the province of Chiriqui (valley of the moon in the language of the native peoples that once inhabited this region) was the area first settled with coffee.

Today there are two indigenous tribes that play an important role in the coffee production who hail from Chiriqui - the Ngobe and the Bugle – and the country’s two prime coffee regions of Boquete and Volcán are located within the province.

Panama’s volcanic soil, altitude and climatic conditions offer an ideal environment for producing specialty coffee. Indeed, it is because of this ideal environment and reputation for quality that farmers chose to plant great tasting cultivars such as Caturra, Typica, Bourbon, Catuai, San Ramon and of course Geisha, which has helped place Panama on the map when it comes to specialty coffee.

One of the leading drivers of the excitement surrounding Panamanian coffee is this attention to detail throughout the whole process from the picking, maintenance of the farms through to the processing. Panamanian coffees are also well known for the production of small lots, this is both a result of the small scale of individual farms and the end-cost of the coffees that the farms receive.


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